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6 Reasons Users Aren't Engaging With Your Content

by John Rooney

So, you’ve spent a few hours researching a blog post and a few more writing it.

Except, after uploading it, nothing happens.

Hardly any views, zero comments and fewer social shares than a four hour live stream of an accountancy conference.

It’s frustrating, but it’s not just bad luck that is causing your content to fall flat. Here are six reasons people aren’t engaging.



6 Tips for SMEs Looking to Create Video Content

by John Rooney

It doesn’t seem long ago that guest blogs and infographics were the key components of a digital marketing campaign. They were the keys to earning backlinks and driving user engagement but, although these are still legitimate tactics, there is a new sheriff in town — video content.



Why Topic Clusters are the Next Big SEO Evolution

by Matthew Kay

SEO has changed drastically over the last few years, and one of the most dramatic shifts is the move away from keywords to topics. This is due to Google (and the other search engines) having a greater understanding of semantics — or the meaning of language.



10 Examples of Excellent Web Design Inspiration

by David Mudzongo

You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression with your website. It can be easy for your site to blend in and get lost. Clean and bold designs pull in more attention and help users to easily navigate your site. It’s important to carry on the consistency throughout the whole site, as you never know where and what page a user might land on. You have to pay considerable attention to your homepage, but don’t forget to pay attention to other areas of your site.



The Top 7 Benefits of Growth-driven Design

by Andrew King

In days gone past, web design was often a long and drawn out process, where every possible feature was considered, planned for and then rigidly built into a site, with no room for flexibility. However, Growth-Driven Design has risen to challenge that, taking on board lean and agile principles to create a new approach to website design.



What Is A CRM?

by Paul Bauer

If you work in an industry that sells a product or service, then it’s more than likely you’ve heard the term ‘CRM’, or Customer Relationship Management. Good CRM gives a company the ability to nurture, maintain and improve customer relationships whilst maximising general company efficiency in how they operate.



Key Metrics for Determining the Success of your Inbound Marketing Strategy

by Syeda Ferdush

Having worked on a number of campaigns, business owners and marketing managers always ask (and rightly so), how much of an increase will they see in sales if they invest in an inbound marketing campaign.



6 Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your New Business Website

by Andrew King

There are are many factors that you need to consider when choosing which CMS (content management system) to base a new website upon. Different CMSs have different features and focuses, and in this post I’ll be covering some of the benefits of using WordPress.



Why You Should Conduct a Website Audit Regularly

by John Rooney

We published a blog recently detailing six of the most important things to check as part of a website audit — but how often should you conduct them? The simple answer is more than once, but exactly how often is that?