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The Growth of Searches on Google

by John Rooney

Google is never keen on giving much away, and when it comes to how many search queries it processes, it’s no different.



A Beginners Guide to Using Citations For Local SEO

by Nick LeChat

 When it comes to devising local SEO strategy for businesses, one of the first factors to be considered are citation listings.



The Ultimate PPC Glossary

by Matthew Kay

There's a lot of glossaries on the internet for PPC and Adwords in particular to help with your PPC Management, so myself and my colleagues decided to formulate the ultimate PPC glossary of terms. If we've missed anything, let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the page, or over



How To Decide On A PPC Budget

by Nick LeChat

Whether you’re a specialist PPC marketer or a PPC novice, setting the right budget for your campaign is critical. From small start-ups to multinationals, any spend on advertising will need to prove it’s worth in terms of ROI. As a result, one of the questions you’re most likely to be asked by the powers that be is “how much should I be spending on PPC?”



Do SEO Tactics Have a Shelf Life

by matthew.kay

SEO changes at a fairly rapid pace and the challenge for most businesses is to keep up with the latest developments in order to ensure a steady stream of traffic to a website. In order to make this task easier and to help increase competitiveness, SEO tactics that offer businesses the chance to get ahead of the competition have become fairly common. In general, these tactics are essentially taking the principles that underpin search engine algorithms and trying to ...



Social Media’s Answer to Google Search - the Benefits of Bottlenose for Marketers

by Amy Nowell

Bottlenose, named after dolphins for their association with social intelligence, is a recent development in social media circles. A website that aims to change the way people search, provides results in a real-time data stream. Highlighting current trends and focussing on information awareness rather than retrieval, it acts as a discovery tool to find out what the world is talking about.