Creative Design

From website design and branding, through to video creation and animation, the highly skilled creative design team at Klood Digital will deliver innovative solutions that realise your vision.

The aesthetics of your business’ digital assets is just as important as the functionality, and as such you need to work with a creative design agency that takes the time to understand your objectives and has the skills to execute it.
Klood Digital boast an exceptional team of talented creative and graphic designers who have worked on a wide range of projects for some of the UK’s leading brands.

Digital Design

To ensure you’re able to achieve the best results from your digital design project, you need to work with a team that has extensive experience in the creation of the specific asset you’re looking to produce.

Whether you’re looking for a complete rebrand, a new website design, a redesign for your email newsletter or any other creative asset, Klood Digital are best placed to provide innovative solutions that perfectly match your requirements and expectations.

Video & Animation

Video content, both animation and live action, now dominate the digital space as a result of social media and our shifting preferences for online video content.

If you’re not creating great video content then you could be falling behind your competitors and failing to engage with your target audience.

Get in touch to find out more about what video and animation can offer your organisation.


Logos & Branding

Both SMEs and larger companies need their visual identity, branding and logo design to help them stand out from the competition, while maintaining a strong visual brand message.

Your branding and the design of your logo is about more than just aesthetics - it identifies how you want to be viewed as an organisation and what your customers can expect from your products and services.

If your brand’s image is in need of a refresh or if you need an innovative new take on an old concept , get in touch with our creative team.

Graphic Design

Of course most organisations still have a wide range of non-digital graphic design requirements to be used across a multitude of business applications.

Klood Digital have experience providing high quality designs for print as well as finished printed materials to companies throughout the UK, including brochure and POS design, as well as solutions for packaging, exhibitions and events, and any collateral material your business might require.

So if your organisation has a design requirement, either digital or print, look no further than the talented team at Klood Digital. To find out more get in contact by phone or email.


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