Branding, Logo & Graphic Design

Understanding how the needs of the customer can be met by an organisation is integral to effective logo design and branding.

Your company’s branding is about more than just the logo’s colour pallet or the font on your website - it’s your identity and the very essence of who you are and why you do what you do.

Klood Digital’s talented team of digital branding specialists and graphic designers have extensive experience in delivering bespoke solutions to the challenge of standing out in an increasingly competitive space.

Consumers don’t choose to buy from your brand because of what you do or how you do it - they choose to buy from your brand because of why you do it, and how those values relate to them.

Klood Digital have worked on projects for some of the UK’s biggest brands, helping them to identify how what they believe in and stand for as an organisation resonates with their target market, and aligning their marketing efforts with this identity. We’ll work with you to ensure your website content and design, online and offline communications, logos and similar collateral, as well as your brand’s tone of voice all complement each other and portray the brand identity you’re looking to cultivate.

Design Process

Before undertaking any rebranding or design work, it is essential to first take the time to fully understand your organisation: what are your values, what is the perception of your brand amongst your target market and how do you want that to change?

The level of service offered by the team at Klood is really what sets us apart from other creative agencies. We understand that your identity is paramount, and that it must be protected and developed carefully with an emphasis on aligning it with your beliefs. We will put you in direct contact with our senior design team to ensure that you achieve the identity you need to help your business succeed.

Whether you’re just looking for a new logo, website design, a complete brand overhaul, or you’re developing a new company from the ground up and have no idea where to begin with branding, look no further than the team at Klood Digital.


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