Market Research Services

A full service market research agency providing you with a clear vision to make better decisions.

Do you want to learn more about your target market or the industry you operate in? Klood Digital’s partner, MMRI, are a full service market research agency that are able to discover crucial insights that you can use to deliver tangible results.

MMRI are passionate about big data and providing innovative new solutions to the challenges that brands face in the modern competitive marketplace.

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding what your customers think about your brand is essential before you can move forward and improve.

We’ll measure how your product, brand or service meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations using qualitative research and digital listening, while we will also review where value can be added to their experience.

Brand Awareness

To be a successful business in the 21st century you need to establish a strong brand image - what do you stand for, what are your values and what can people expect from your products or services?

We will help to boost your brand amongst your target market, helping you to stand out from the competition and gaining key insights into the way your customers think.

Risk & Reputation

The rise of social media has made reputation management more important than ever before. A potential PR crisis that may have gone unnoticed previously now has the opportunity to go viral within hours.

By working with MMRI you can help to protect your brand by monitoring and engaging with real-time conversations that can impact on your online reputation. Whether you are active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social network, MMRI have the capability to ensure that all of your communication is on-message.


Trends and Digital Opinion Leaders

Keep track of the digital thought leaders within your industry to ensure you’re keeping pace with the market.

We’ll observe online commentary and connect social data with key trends, monitor themes and engage with the people driving the conversation around your industry.

Campaign Evaluation

Evaluating the success of your campaigns is crucial to ensure you understand what worked and what didn’t, helping to shape your future decision making.

We’ll monitor real time reactions and evaluate accurate intelligence prior, during and post delivery to allow you to take control of your campaigns and measure their effectiveness.

How We Do It

MMRI employ a number of different strategies for providing the key insights that brands can use to improve the way they engage with their customers.


We use a variety of qualitative research methods to uncover the insights that you can use to improve the way your business markets to its customers, including:
  • Telephone interviews
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Advisory boards


A huge amount of data about your customers and industry can be uncovered by analysing the digital space, and we utilise a bespoke, blended approach of strategies to do so.

These include online surveys of your real customers, as well as social listening and intelligence, keeping track of the conversations consumers are having about your brand and industry. Klood Radar enables the analysis of huge amounts of data to allow the provision of critical insights you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Real-time tracking

To fully stay on top of your reputation management you need to follow things in real-time. This is why we’re constantly tracking how people are engaging with your brand to ensure we can immediately identify any potential risks before they develop into something bigger.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work as well as our integrity. We are passionate about what we do and look forward to working with your brand to help you learn and evolve.


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