Social Media Advertising

Grow your fan base and reach the audiences that are most relevant to your business through targeted social media advertising campaigns. The social media landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s becoming increasingly difficulty to reach your fans and followers organically. This is why it is more important than ever that brands include an effective, targeted social advertising plan into their digital marketing strategy.

Why Advertise on Social Media?

Although it is still possible for great social content to go viral without any help from paid advertising, it is now clear that brands simply can’t hope to have success on social media without an advertising budget.

By advertising on social media you can ensure your content reaches the people it matters to most, while growing your following to give your future content the chance to reach a larger audience.

Using Audiences

Social advertising gives brands the opportunity to target their content at specific audiences based on their demographic, location, interests - even what device they’re using.

Klood Digital will carefully target your social adverts to ensure your marketing message is seen by the most relevant people, creating customised and tailored audiences based around a whole range of key identifiers including your email marketing list, website visitors or even those who have previously interacted with your content.

Advertise on the Right Platforms

The key to achieving success with paid content promotion online is reaching the right audience at the right time, and with the right content.

It’s also vital to identify which social media platforms your target market are spending their time and focus efforts there to ensure your social advertising budget isn’t being wasted.

If your niche are typically active on Facebook much more than on Twitter, then it's important that your social advertising budget breakdown reflects this.


Measurement and Reporting

It is important to constantly analyse the results of your social advertising in order to optimise and refine the strategy, and ensure that it continues to deliver the best outcomes. Klood Digital produce regular reports on how many users we’re reaching with your brand messaging, the growth of your fanbase as well as the leads generated.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Marketing on Facebook isn’t suitable for every brand, and we’ll advise you honestly to ensure you’re not wasting money on a marketing channel that will never work for your business.

The best practices for advertising on Facebook are constantly changing, so it is vital to keep abreast of all the latest updates. This ensures we’re always able to deliver the most effective social strategy for your brand, maximising the size of audience you’re able to reach and engage with.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter boasts over 300 million active monthly users so could be a channel that is of huge value to your business.

Klood Digital’s social media team has years of experience promoting brands on Twitter and are best placed for working out whether or not this is a platform that will work for you, while providing you with advice and techniques in order to engage with your followers.

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